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Introducing the EDGE Guitarpedia!

Hey everybody!  Welcome to the EDGE Guitarpedia!  For those who don’t know – whether you are in EDGE, or you just wandered in out of nowhere wondering what the heck this is all about – allow me to introduce myself and give a short explanation:

My name is Jason.  I am currently a member of the Eliane Delage Guitar Ensemble (or EDGE).  As you may have guessed, it is a New York City based guitar ensemble founded in 2013 and led by New York City Guitar School teacher Eliane Delage.  For the past year and change of its existence, we practiced and performed songs around the city, spanning decades and genres of guitar-driven music, such as The Rolling Stones, Motown, and Fleetwood Mac.  Our current project is a full guitar arrangement of classic movie themes.  Best of all, the ensemble is open to people of all skill levels, which is always a fantastic opportunity for musicians to learn and grow off of one another.

This brings us to what this blog will be about.  As the Practice Support Coordinator, I will be posting practice tips for songs we are working on, exercises, and perhaps a few lessons here and there.  It’s not going to be all work and no play though; in addition I will be posting articles about music and instruments, videos, gear stuff for those bloated with GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome ;)) and whatever else you or I may find interesting.  Remember, this is just as much YOUR blog as it is mine, so anything you find interesting or want to discuss feel free to let me know!  As far as we have the means, everything will be open for discussion and feedback – both are highly encouraged, especially among the EDGErs :)!

If you are new to all of this and would like to check us out, here are some links:

Meetup page

Facebook page

Youtube channel

Thanks everybody!  I’ll see you all later!