Guitar Pro 7 Is Finally Here!

Hey all, wherever you may be!  This flew a little under the radar for me, but Guitar Pro 7 (for desktop) was officially released last month in April!  It’s about time too, since Guitar Pro 6 was released seven years ago back in 2010.  I just upgraded it yesterday from GP6, and it seems more streamlined and intuitive from what I’ve tried so far.  There’s currently a sale going on for those who are looking to upgrade from a previous version within the next two months, though whether you use the app to write and transcribe songs or just to read tabs may dictate your need or care to upgrade at the moment.

I’ll have to spend more time with it to get a better understanding of the pros and cons, but so far I’m digging the new interface.  My biggest concern is the lack of backup auto saves for your edits and creations, which is a problem when Guitar Pro is known for crashing a lot.  You’ll have to make sure you manually save often.  Backup saves were in GP6, so hopefully they’ll update 7 to include this feature again.

Till then, I’ll update with more details and impressions as I become more familiar with it!



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